Affiliate Program

Cerulean Social's Affiliate Program: Earn with Every Referral

Transform Your Connections into Cash with Cerulean Social

Are you connected with businesses looking for exceptional digital marketing and web design services? Cerulean Social invites you to join our rewarding Affiliate Program. With competitive commissions for every successful referral, your network can become a lucrative source of income.

Our Commission Structure:

  • Web Design Contracts: Earn $200 for each client you refer who signs up for our web design services.
  • Marketing Packages: Receive $300 for every referral that results in a signed contract for any of our marketing packages.
  • Omniscient Marketing Package: A substantial $1,000 commission awaits you for each Omniscient Marketing Package contract secured through your referral.

Why Partner with Cerulean Social?

  • Attractive Earnings: With our tiered commission structure, the potential for high earnings is significant.
  • High-Quality Services: Our reputation for delivering top-tier web design and marketing solutions makes conversions more likely.
  • Transparent Process: We ensure full transparency and provide regular updates on the status of your referrals.

Who Should Join?

  • Industry Professionals: Leverage your professional network in digital marketing and web design.
  • Business Consultants: Enhance your service portfolio by referring top-notch digital solutions.
  • Satisfied Clients: If you've loved our services, share your experience and get rewarded.

How to Get Started:

  1. Enroll in Our Program: Sign up easily and gain access to our affiliate resources.
  2. Spread the Word: Recommend our services to your contacts.
  3. Earn for Every Successful Referral: Collect your commission once your referrals sign a contract with us.

Join Us Today

Embark on a rewarding affiliate journey with Cerulean Social. Leverage your network, introduce high-quality digital services, and enjoy the financial rewards of your successful referrals. Sign up for our Affiliate Program today and start earning!


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